Saturday, August 28, 2010

just because i cant write in tumblr

so i have to write it here. Sorry..this post contains extreme feeling of my own and will make u puke. If u feel that u wont able to stand it,plz get lost now as i dont want my blog to become dirty n smelly, bcz of ur thrown-out substances.

As usual,its about a boy who never realise that i love him so much.he used to make mistakes and then seek for forgiveness. And AS USUAL, i'll forgive him,just bcz i'm too stupid to understand + realise that he's the most cruel playboy i ever met. Hell yah. I dont know why i'm still here,waiting. Stupid me.
I'm going to have tests next week but i dont have strength to wake up and study. Its just bcz my head is too heavy, thinking of him and my unfortunate love story.
Wish me luck, plz.

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